The Stoneman Family

You know when you discover something you probably shoulda already known? I present to you the magic that is the Stoneman Family.

Ronnie Stoneman. What can I say. Watch this for 10 seconds and you get everything you need out of this.  Her face is so dour, even Jack White is sad about it.

Of course she tried to smile, but her sister Donna just straight-up steals the show 10 seconds in, pogoing around with as much exhuberence as  Sally Hawkins in a Mike Leigh film.

Me, I’ve also been a sucker for pogoing onstage, it’s one of my favorite moves (see Kathleen Hanna circa Bikini Kill).

Donna’s so great, amiright?! But who’s the old man sitting there? Maybe the most 60sist video ever will be illuminating:


Two minutes in, we find out it’s “daddy”. And who’s daddy? Why it’s Earnest Van “Pop” Stoneman (yeah I didn’t know either).To the interwebs:

“Pop Stoneman is well remembered and respected by country musician, for his ability to play melodies note-by-note on the autoharp.”

Getting back to why I’m really here, it’s all about Donna!

I mean her energy is infectious! Hope you find as much joy in this as I did.





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