RCO Inagural Concert

It just came at the right time.

No, I mean, if it had come any sooner, wouldn’t have been ready for it. I was working the Redlands Bowl, as I do, and I happened upon this: Redlands Community Orchestra

Girl genius Melinda Morang, rounding people up the old-fashioned way.

The thought of playing in an orchestra sounded good. I hadn’t picked up the old doghouse in a while, so I signed up. There the journey really began. I wind up volunteering: personnel Manager. This is quite funny because I studied Double Bass under Paul Zibits, who is not only a bassist for Pacific Symphony but also personnel Manager. Boy was this more work than I knew I was signing up for. But it was good. Gave me something to do though, idle hands & all. So I start playing again, and that felt great. After my self-confidence was smashed to pieces, just picking an instrument up agin, did wonders. This is a community orchestra, so no one’s getting paid here. But it was close, music was good, people were good.

Adults crammed into a high school band room is one of the rings of the inferno right?

Got to be honest, was a little nervous playing under a band director. But James Benanti was a welcome, refreshing unexpected welcome.

Little do you know, he’s wearing jeans

I’ve learned a lot a long the way. Made a ton of friends, and I’m sure a few enemies. Now we’re about ready to play our first concert this Sunday. And we’re already preparing for more

RCO_poster2 copy
Beautiful poster by bassoonist/designer Sarah Griffin
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